Information on Philippine Hostels

I stayed in only a few hostels in the Philippines.  I found it was easier to stay with the dive center wherever I was.  However, one had spectacular views, another was truly a hostel nightmare and the other was a nice pit stop good for exploring.

Jiji’s Hostel Cebu

413 Hostel Coron

Hop Hostel Coron

Mario’s Backpacker Inn Coron

Jiji's Hostel Cebu

Not much to do in Cebu proper but this is a good hostel to spend the night after a flight.

413 Hostel and Hotel Coron

Clean and in a great spot, close to shops and the marina.  

Hop Hostel Coron

The stairs might be a killer but the views are amazing.  The atmosphere is also a younger crowd.  Parties on the weekends, a bar and a restaurant on site.

The Worst Hostel I've Stayed At!

One of the worst experiences in a hostel I’ve every had.  I got up and left at midnight and never returned.

Motorcycling Around Coron
Beautiful Views

Nice views when you motorcycle around the island.  There’s a waterfall you can stop and take a dip in.  It’s hot and sweaty after a ride, so it’s worth it.

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