Information on Malaysian Hostels

I didn’t spend much time in Malaysia but the amount I did gave me a thirst for more.  

AE Semporna Guest House

This is not a Hostel but it is so cheap for the night!  $17 USD and it’s all to yourself.  This is a good stay before going to a resort, Mabul Island. 

Scuba Junkies Mabul Beach Resort

A destination for Macro and Paligic, when the season is right.  Even then you may not see anything big.  It’s the ocean and can be a hit or miss.  Scuba Junkies was fantastic and I highly recommend not only Sipadan but the resort as well.

Tips and Things to Bring When Hosteling

Every trip is a learning curve.  What worked on one trip may not work on another or you find out that you really just didn’t need that certain item.  The following are a few items that you may or may not need.

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