Information on Indonesian Hostels

Indonesia has 17,508 islands!  I barely scratched the surface of visiting this country.  It’s absolutely stunning and gorgeous.  So much history and wildlife viewing.  You might never get to see even a portion of it in a lifetime.

Panorama Backpacker Resort Bunaken

So much potential and such an epic fail!

Kakatua Hostel
Raja Ampat

The tree house of hostels.  Amazing price for Raja Ampat area.  It’s not on the water but it had AC and internet.  The onsite restaurant was OK but edible. 

Seaesta Hostel Labuan Bajo "Komodo"

Both a hostel and a hotel.  The rooms are very nice and clean.  I didn’t stay in the hostel due to no vacancy.  The pool and common area are so relaxing, with great views of the harbor.

Digital Airport Jakarta

This is not advertised as a hostel but it’s set up like one.  It’s also, conveniently in the Jakarta airport.   You can spend the night or just a few hours for some shut eye.

Uber Scuba Komodo Live-aboard

My first live-aboard and not the best experience.  The boat was beautiful, the food amazing and the local staff friendly. I didn’t click with one of the DM’s.

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