Conservative City but I loved Osaka Castle.

Ancient temples and history.

Go here for neon lights and amazing food.

Osaka in 5 Days

I spent 5 days in Osaka and to be honest it was 3 days to long.  There is a lot to see but Kyoto and Tokyo offered more of what I wanted.  Osaka Castle was well worth it and I would recommend going just to see it.


Catch a flight from Honolulu to Osaka.  The flights I found were more affordable.  Once in Osaka it’s easy to use the trains to get around.

If you can afford it take AirAsia and buy a flat bed ticket, so worth the rest and sleep.


Osaka Castle

#1 recommendation when in Osaka.

Osaka Museum 

Right next to Osaka Castle and you can get a great picture of it with skyscrapers behind it.  The miniature scenes of Jappanesse life are jaw dropping 

Sakura La An Hostel

$30 USD and my favorite hostel in Japan.  It’s also only 3km from Osaka Castle and not a bad walk.

Shipping Baggage Town to Town

  1. Osaka to Kyoto 1750 yen
  2. Kyoto to Tokyo 1500 yen
  3. NO baggage to drag on the train.

Day trip from Osaka to Nara


Allow more than 1 day in Nara.

Kyoto in 5 Days


Rent a bike to get around Kyoto.  There is so much to see and a lot of walking.  I averaged 6-12 miles of walking a day, so a bike is far easier.

Biking Kyoto

I loved the Imperial Gardens.  It’s a photographers dream.  


Walking Kyoto

Unfortunately for me, the National Museum was closed but the gardens were lovely.  Kyoto Tower at night is really pretty and good picture.

Bamboo Grove and Monkey Park

I loved the Monkey Park but I could have lived without the Bamboo Grove.

K’s House Hostel Kyoto

Great price and close to a train station.

Tokyo in 5 Days


Pace yourself!  This town is huge.  Don’t use taxi’s if you can help it, they’re expensive and can quickly us up your budget.

Akihabara Electric Town

This place was very cool.  Go at night for the full effect.

Edo Museum and Yasuda Garden

The museums in Japan have to be some of the best I’ve been to.  Edo Museum is right up there as an top contender.

Walking Tokyo

Meiji Temple I witnessed a traditional wedding.  One of the neatest experiences that day.  I was really disappointed about the Imperial Palace.

Tokyo Tower

If there is a Tower for pictures of a city, I’m there.

Walking in Oeno Park

Bring your walking shoes.  Museums, statues and temples are all within walking distance.

Senso-Ji Temple and Asakusa

This area was super fun.  Lots of shopping and eating places and wall art.  I found the temple by pure accident but go at night because it’s gorgeous.

Kobe Beef

Try it, try it, try it.  Melts in your mouth like butter!


K’s House Hostel Tokyo

$30 USD  Close to lots of restaurants and

train stations.

Useful Information To Help You Get Around Japan

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