San Andres Colombia

January 2020

Rent a Mula $40 to $50 per day, aka a golf cart.

Scuba diving approximately $50 for 2 dives.

$32 entrance is collected at the airport.  This is for tourist and for Colombian citizens.

Plenty of choices for hotels, from hostels, midrange and high end places to stay.  I stayed at the Miraflores Boutique hotel, I wanted something that was midrange.  I highly recommend it.  

From what I’m told the best time to dive is February to July or so.  When I went the water was choppy and so the sand was churning.  I think that it could be stunning during this time.

While it may have been OK to dive in January the Lionfish hunting was phenomenal!  They are old and big but very smart.  I would recommend bringing your own spear.  The tips that the dive shop offers don’t have barbs and the Lionfish slipped right off for me.

Back in the day, the island was used as the place to buy electronics.  There are so many stores, used and new to choose from.  You will have no shortage for dive shops or places to eat.  

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