Honduras: Roatan Aggressor Live-aboard

Agressor Roatan Live-Aboard was far more then I expected.  1st of all, I’m going to recommend losing 10lbs before boarding.  The food on the Roatan Aggressor was exceptionally delicious.  The rooms were comfortable, clean and the AC was ice cold.  The bed was firm but I like that so I had no complaints.  The dive guides were really cool and chill guys.

I traveled from Miami to Roatan during Covid-19.  It was a weird experience to say the least.  I arrived 3 hours before my flight and I’m glad I did.  It took forever for them to check us in.  Before leaving, I got a quick test and also the Q-tip brain swirling PCR test.  They preferred the PCR to the quick.  It took almost an hour to show them my test results and check my bag.  I still had to go though TSA security.


Every where you look is wear a mask, stay 6 feet apart and wash your hands.  I’m okay with that but then you board the plane, they hand you a bacterial wipe, then smash you next to each other.  No 6 feet apart and everyone on top of each other.  Pretty much, your the tuna and the plane is the can.

A Few Facts

  • 10 days
  • Utila was closed
  • Food was phenomenal
  • Crew attentive
  • Diving was spectacular
  • Cost $2,000
  • Aggressor has a great sale going on


Favorite Dive Sites

  • Shark 🦈 Dive
  • Mary’s Place

Dive Sites

  • Mr. Buds Wreck
  • El Aguila Wreck
  • Jagged Edge
  • Virgimia’s Wall
  • Calvin’s Crack
  • Pirates Point
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Cara a Caca
  • Mary’s Place
  • Cayos Sea Mount
  • Lil Coco’s
  • Eel Garden
  • Tavianna’s Wall
  • Lighthouse Reef
  • Black Rock
  • 40′ foot wall
  • Shark 🦈 Dive


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