Anna Cecilia and South Doubles

August 2020

Wreck Diving

Anna Cecilia

South Doubles

Riviera Beach, Florida

Stuart Scuba

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9 thoughts on “Anna Cecilia and South Doubles

      1. I know what you mean. Sometimes I use a white slate to white balance. The problem is that you have readjust wb every 10-15ft or when shoot against the coral vs the sand.

      2. Depending on the camera you own. You can place the white card arms lens or slightly more and shoot the white board. The camera then sets to white color according to that image. If your camera doesn’t have that ability, you can take a photo of the card and in post- you can set white balance in the editing software.

      3. So if I carried something white with me I might be able to get a better white balance. Maybe that’s the problem? Sometimes we’re moving so fast with the current….

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