Reefs of Key Largo

July 2020

Diving Key Largo!

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Molasses Shallow

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Molasses Reef

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USCG Duane

 The Shallowest point on the USCG Duane is where the mooring attaches to the wreck at smokestack at 65 feet. The wreck sits upright with the bow pointing South and the Crowsnest, fantail, and stern to the North. The main superstructure has plenty of openings for light to light swim-throughs.


Schools of permit and Barracudas are common on the wreck as are a pair of resident Hawksbill Turtles. Since the Duane was scuttled in 1987 and in close proximity to the Gulfstream the wreck is covered in colorful corals and sponges. Goliath Groupers and Bull Sharks are frequently sighted as well.


An Advanced Open Water certification is recommended but not required for diving this area and for the general swim-through areas featured here, however, an Advanced or Wreck Specialty certification and a reel is required if you wish to penetrate the wreck. Don’t forget your gloves for the descent line. Depth is 65 to 130 feet and currents can be very strong


Information from Rainbow Reef Dive Center

  • Site 70-120ft
  • Advanced Dive
  • Current: hit or miss.  Ripping or not ripping.

The current on the Duane was perfect!  I’m so happy I got to dive this wreck without the current ripping.


The last day of diving proved to be the best.  Beautiful conditions and amazing visibility.

Who I dove with.

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