Wide-Angle Lens Taken With Sony RX 100 VI

June 2020


  • Sony RX 100 VI
  • Wide-angle lens

I recently got a new camera, a Sony RX100 VI. Yesterday, was the first day that I got to use it. I used no lighting and I only tried out the video and the wide-angle lens.


I put the pictures through Lightroom but I still struggled with colors. Removing the god awful green was easy but it turned the watercolor to purple. I did the best I could until I figure out the settings on the new camera.


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5 thoughts on “Wide-Angle Lens Taken With Sony RX 100 VI

      1. I brought a Panasonic GH5 with a Nauticam housing. Previously, I was using a Sealife DC2000 and Gopro Hero 8 Black. I’m probably going to keep using the Gopro in the shoe mount as a backup.

      2. Wow nauticam! I looked at them but to much uggg. I got Ikelite . I’m going to have to check out your camera and go to your site again. You do really great videos

      3. I’m thinking about doing a post about my decision process. It took me about a year plus to decide (& save) to buy it. And just a little more time to figure out port and lens selection. Being locked down in quarantine accelerated my decision. Hopefully, I’ll get to test in the water soon.

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