My Favorite Photos From Asia Trip


What is your favorite place?

Where would you go back to?

Sometimes people ask me “What is your favorite place.”  That’s a hard one answer.  I loved almost every place I went.  Sometimes if was the people, culture or just the surroundings that I loved.  The better question is “Where would you go back to.”

My 2 favorite places

Two places in Asia I would go back to.

  1.  Pulah Weh, Indonesia
  2. Coron, Philippines
  • Pulah Weh has the better diving, the surfer vibe and great people that I like.  The Island is beautiful and reminds me of Lihue, Hawaii. 
  • Coron has the wreck diving and of course the Pilipino people are amazing but I also made friends with two amazing girls out there.  Coron is a much busier island but so fun.

The under water pictures were taken with the Olympus TG-5.


Honolulu, Hawaii diving

Honolulu, Hawaii

Japan; Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo

Seoul, South Korea

Mactan/Dumagette Philippines

Malapasqua Philippines

FB IMG 1587479354626
FB IMG 1587479666895
FB IMG 1587479748529
FB IMG 1587479420332

Coron Philippines 1st time around

Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

Gili T, Indonesia

Komodo, Indonesia

Sipidan, Malaysia

Bunaken, Indonesia

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Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Temples Prambanan and Borobudur, Indonesia

Pulah Weh, Indonesia

FB IMG 1587621523692
FB IMG 1587621540814
FB IMG 1587621532847
FB IMG 1587621536804
FB IMG 1587621587889
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Pulah Weh island

Coron 2nd time around, Philippines


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