Morazan Maru Coron Philippines: WWII Wreck

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The One with the Flower Coral

February 2020

Length: 93m

Depth: 13-25m


Fun fun dive!

Morazan is a fun dive to do. Normally the current isn’t swift and pretty easy to dive.

Auxiliary Cargo Ship

The Morazan Maru, formally known as the Olympia Maru, was a freighter and passenger liner built in England 1908, sold to Central America, where she served the route between Honduras and New Orleans. Captured by the Imperial Japanese Navy in Shanghai 1941 and used as a auxiliary cargo vessel.

The origin of this vessel was for a long time unknown. This wreck was previously misidentified as The Olympia Maru, however, recent historical reexamination of the wreck’s location and physical characteristics (once specifications became available) now confirm that this vessel is The Morazan.

Information courtesy of Fun and Sun Coron

Photos by Maxine Hiller

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From above

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Morazan looking from above

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