Banda Aceh to Pulau Weh to Lumba Lumba: 45 minute fastboat

January 2020

Getting to Pulau Weh from Banda Aceh

Getting to Pulau Weh

Taxi Cost From Airport

150,000 IDR or $11 USD

It’s easy to get a taxi from the airport. They are waiting for you the moment you walk out of the building.

Ferry Cost

85,000 IDR or $6 USD

Be sure to ask for the fast boat. Unless you want to spend 2 hours on the slow boat.

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Ferry Landing to Lumba Lumba

Tuk Tuk Ride Cost

50,000 IDR or $4 USD

Give Bing Bing a call, he can take you to the resort or on tours of the island.

+62 08217 2938 579

You can also make arrangements with Lumba Lumba and they will arrange to pick you up

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