Edy Tour & Travel Yogyakarta Indonesia

Transportation to the Temples

January 2020


400,000 IDR

$30 USD

Hired Edy for the day.

WhatsApp contact number

+62 0821 3639 4977

What you need to know

His car is new. Toyota SUV of some sort. The car has good working AC.

First he took me to Borobudur, 1 hour drive and waited for 3 hours in the parking lot. Then we headed over to Prambanan, about 1 hour drive and again he waited for me.

It’s a good price and the guy is nice.

Pay for parking

It cost 15,000 IDR for Edy to park and wait in the lot. You pay if course. This is for both Borobudur and Prambanan and each is 15,000 IDR or approximately $10 USD.

Nice guy and patient

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Yogyakarta to borobubor

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