Meridian Adventure Divers Raja Ampat: Deep Pocket Divers

Deep Pocket Divers

January 2020


$75 USD per dive.

Meridian Adventure Divers

Motorbike ride to Meridian video

Speedboat to dive site

Getting to Waisai


  • Very nice speedboat
  • Professional
  • They don’t touch sealife
  • Towels, tea, coffee provided


  • Expensive!

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Yenkoranu Homestay

Final Thoughts

If you stay here, deep pockets are a requirement. Not only is the diving expensive but the rooms are expensive. The restaurant food is very good but it’s not cheap. When you compare it to Western prices, it is affordable but not locally.

A filet mignon steak will cost you around 300,000 IDR or approximately $21 USD.

If you’re on a budget this is not the place for you. If you have the money to burn, settle in and enjoy this swanky place.

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