Olin Dive Center Raja Ampat Indonesia:Not so Tasty Tank

Olin’s not so tasty tank

January 2020


1,500,000 x2 tank dive

Approximately $110 USD


Getting to Waisai

What you need to know

Their speedboat reminds me of a pontoon in looks. It was fine and got us to our dive site.

Milo the guide was great. We explored and had an awesome time. He showed the group lots of interesting things and was attentive.

On the first day, the visibility was terrible. Macro is never bad but it was maybe 5 to 10 m of viz.

We stopped on a small island for lunch. Venders sell the usual trinkets and sadly, shells and other sea life.


  • Dive was good
  • Nice island for lunch
  • Most affordable DC on the island


  • My only complaint; the air in my tank tasted like plastic the first dive. Not bad enough to end the dive but unpleasant. (Milo checked out the tank and reported the problem)

Final Thoughts

There are only two dive centers in Waisai. Meridian or Olin, your choices are limited. While the Meridian boat is nicer and can go longer distances, Olin is a better choice for the budget-conscious.

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