Kakatua Hostel Raja Ampat Indonesia: Affordable and Helpful Staff

December and January 2019/2020

Need to know about Kakatua


300,000 IDR per night dorm room

Approximately $20 USD per night

Kakatua Hostel

How to get to Waisai


  • AC!
  • Comfortable bed
  • I feel like I’m in a treehouse ☺
  • Beds are comfortable
  • Staff is super nice
  • Internet is good. Netflix won’t load 😩
  • Chinta, the manager, is so helpful and accommodating. He is why this hostel is awesome.


  • Hot water never works
  • Water pressure in evening non-existent
  • Food is boring, usually, fried rice or they are out of everything.

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ATM’s Abound

You will find that Waisai is not very remote at all. ATMs are everywhere and plenty of restaurants to choose from. The roads are well-maintained and very wide. You get the feeling the area is expecting huge growth.

Walkthrough of Kakatua Video

So not Remote

If you want remote you’ll have to go to Kri or Gam island. You probably won’t have Wi-Fi, hot water or AC. I would recommend a Homestay because they are cheaper all around.

Market downtown

Final Thoughts

If you are staying a night or two in Waisai, stay here. Chinta is an amazing guy. They will make arrangements for you to go wherever you need. In my case, every day they took me to the Dive Center. He also took me on a tour of Waisai on his motorbike. He also, stopped for me to take pictures of the town and the market.

Highly recommend these guys 🤟.

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