Froggies Dive Resort Bunaken Indonesia: Affordable and Comfortable

December 2019

Need to know about Froggies

I only stayed here 1 night and didn’t dive with them.


$60 private room, cheaper the longer you stay.



  • AC
  • Comfortable bed
  • Beautiful bungalows
  • Quiet
  • The food is fantastic, 3 courses and you have a choice of what you want
  • Breakfast is a buffy style but you can order eggs the way you like them.


  • The shower is not freshwater, slightly salty
  • So many stairs to climb
  • No hot water, warmed by the sun.

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Final Thoughts

Spend a little extra money and think of your comfort. This may be the only time you travel to this destination. Do you really want to spend it sweating, hot and miserable?

I am recommending Froggies but similar style and price will get you the same comfort.

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