Panorama Backpacker Resort Bunaken Indonesia

December 2019

Need to know Panorama Backpacker


300,000 IDR per night for a private room. Approximately $25 USD.

10 dive package 370,000 IDR per dive



  • Very affordable
  • Panorama views
  • Pretty bungalows
  • Nice atmosphere
  • Remote
  • Pay with transfer wise
  • Nice beach
  • Internet is good


  • It’s very hot!
  • No AC
  • Food is repetitive
  • No fans in common area
  • Metal roofs
  • No hot water
  • Ants in room
  • So many stairs
  • Beds are uncomfortable
  • No ATMs on the island
  • No Nitrox

Final Thoughts

Panorama had many good points but also bad points. While on one hand, I loved it and on the other, I didn’t.

My biggest issue was touching and moving of sealife. I don’t think they realize, most guests don’t want that. At least I didn’t want it. I’ll let you imagine the rest.

Next issue was the repetitive food. Lunch was always tuna for the protein, rice, something fried or noodles and hopefully a veggie. Sometimes dinner was tuna as well. We ate fried chicken once. Mostly, I had white rice in soy sauce for lunch.

The dining area is also a common area. There are no fans and you hope that a breeze flows through. I would recommend they put in fans and also a comfortable setting to relax.

The diving is spectacular and the view is outstanding! Sven was professional and courteous. The boats are in good condition, as well as the equipment. Just a few touches here and there and this could be an outstanding affordable resort!

Power cuts off at 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. it only lasts for 30 minutes or so.

The internet here is very good on certain days. For some reason, I could stream Netflix but I could not get to work. It was difficult to buy a ticket from the island.

Bunaken is very remote. The roads are basically ruts in the road.

They drive motorbikes but again the roads are very uneven. It’s a little terrifying, especially after a hard rain. You will probably run into goats and chickens if you walk on down the lane.

This is also a very hilly island. Be prepared to climb a lot of stairs no matter where you stay.