Diving Bunaken Indonesia

December 2019

Need to know Diving Bunaken

Pronounced “Boon Knock En”

Froggies Dive Center

Panorama Dive Center

What you will see

  • Pygmy seahorse
  • Nudibranch
  • Crabs
  • Shrimp
  • Crocodile fish
  • Scorpionfish

Mostly wall dives

Nemo babies video

Pygmy seahorse video

This is fabulous diving! When diving is good, it is spectacular. There is so much to see and search for. Truly, you can feel overwhelmed and thrilled all at once.

It’s also not overly crowded. You and your dive crew may be the only ones on a dive spot.

Be warned, there is trash. Depends on what junk is drifting from Manado. The beaches are covered in trash. The resorts keep small areas in front of their hotels picked up.

Current can be swift.

Absolutely recommend diving here!

Yellow pygmy seahorse

Bubble nudibranch

Porcelain crab
Hermit crabs eyes
Giant clam
Crocodile fish eye
Splendid pebble crab
Mandarin fish