Using TG 5 Olympus aperture mode

Using Aperture Mode


  • Good buoyancy
  • Know how to handle your camera
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  1. Turn the dial to A or Aperture

Example picture


How to set

  1. Press OK
  2. Use up or down to choose options
  3. Highlight 1st one, move left or right, use the button next to OK
  4. Choose vivid setting
  5. Push down, under ok, choose ISO setting. 100 is less light, 500 allows more light
  6. WB Auto
  7. AF autofocus on
  8. 4000×3000
  9. LF fine
  10. Exposure +0.0

Examples of with Dive+ and without

These settings depend on lighting, clear or murky water and general conditions. This is only to give ideas. I put this picture into dive+ filter. Gives it some pop.


ISO always for more light to enter but also more noise. The picture may not be as sharp.


Experiment with settings and find what you like.

I hope this helps some newbies out there.


Since I wrote this I have stopped using dive+ and I now use Lightroom for edits.

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