Uber Scuba Dive Center Gili T Indonesia

November and December 2019

Uber Scuba Gili T

I highly recommend this Dive Center💗

Backward roll from the boat. Lots of room for relaxing. Remove BCD in water and guys pull onto the boat.

Cost for private room 160,000 IDR per night

540,000 IDR per dive

20% discount 10 more dives

  • Rooms are cheap
  • Diving affordable
  • Great atmosphere
  • Lots of restaurants nearby
  • AC cold
  • The pool is like a sauna. Great after diving.
  • Diving is amazing!
  • Hodaari aka Houdini is an amazing Dive Master who can find the littlest things.
  • Donna the dive manager who made me feel so welcome.
  • Jon for being a cool dive buddy
  • Tina with her flaming hair, a great instructor and cool as a clam🤟


  • Bed is springy
  • Lots of cracks for bugs to get in the room
  • It can be noisy when the Lava Bar plays music. Stops at midnight.

They are currently renovating the rooms. I suspect, it will be completely different in a year. Not too long ago there was an earthquake that damaged a lot of buildings and minor damage caused.

Outdoor bathroom

Hodari DM

Horses getting AM bath