Mailing a Package from USA to Philippines be warned

I lost my phone in Dumaguete Philippines. I was on a tuk-tuk and it fell off somewhere.

I contacted my insurance company in the United States and have a new one shipped to my mother. My mother then ships the phone to Coron Philippines.

Here’s where it gets a little crazy.

After 18 days, I call FedEx and I ask where is my package. Their response is the following.

My package was in Porta Princess and I could come to pick it up. I explained that I did not ship it there but to Coron Philippines. They inform me they do not ship to Coron Philippines.

The FedEx employee explains that the ZIP code was for Porta princess.

The only thing I can figure is when my mother shipped it from FedEx in the USA, they changed the zip code to one that would work.

I am not happy at this point. My package is on a completely different Island than where I’m staying.

So I make arrangements for someone to go and pick up my package from FedEx and ship it by local courier. I then learn that I will have to pay a packaging fee, a storage fee and also a VAT tax.

I’m done at this point. I’ve already gone over my 30 days allowed in the Philippines and now I’ll have to wait even longer for my package. They also sent me paperwork for my bank account to pay for the fees. I am not giving anyone my bank account information.

I told FedEx in the Philippines to send it back to the United States. I bought a burner phone in Manila.

My mother calls me and tells me that FedEx in the Philippines is still asking where they can send the phone to in the Philippines. Pretty sure I’m never going to see this phone again.

Moral of the story. Don’t lose your phone overseas. If you do, get a burner phone and call it a day.

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