Using TG5 Olympus underwater setting basic

By no means am I an expert. I consider myself a knob. However, I have come a long way and want to share with anyone who needs a little help with there TG5.

This is the simplest advice and getting to know your camera.

  • Step 1 get to know your camera
  • Step 2 perfect your buoyancy
  • Step 3 practice makes perfect

This camera has lots of cool settings. For the beginner, try putting it on underwater mode. This is the fish on the dial.

The underwater mode does best when there is a lot of natural light. I use it when I am at 20 ft and above. It’s really good at taking pictures of people’s faces.

So now you have it set on underwater mode. Pretty easy you say. What advice could I possibly give you?

Angles. It’s all about the angles and the positioning.

Rated for 50 feet or approximately 14 m
The Olympus case is rated below 30 m or 100 feet. I personally took it down past 140 ft
15 feet from the surface. Set on the underwater mode

The pictures below are in aperture mode. Forgot to take pictures and underwater mode. Apologies!

Don’t take a picture from the top but from the side
Get eye level with a clownfish
Getting parallel with the coral and the little fish that pop up out of it

Actually, the camera makes it very easy. Enjoy and just have fun!

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