Motorcycling Around Nusa Lembongan

November 2019

400,000 IDR

Private motorbike hire

The driver will take you around to the tourist spots on the island. It will take around two to three hours.

He took me to the Mangrove Park. At first, they tried to charge me 600,000 IDR. I told them no thank you. Then they offered 300,000 IDR. I said no again and they then offered 150,000 IDR.

150,000 IDR is the normal price for the boat. They were trying to say because I was by myself they had to charge me more. I guess they have bigger groups come through.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The island is beautiful and well worth a ride around. It’s best to go around 3 p.m… It’s less hot at that time of the day.

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