Beware Taxi Scam Manila

November 2019

Be be aware and be vigilant.

So here is the rub on what happened to me. I flew into Manila from Coron Philippines. The only flight I can get from Manila to Denpasar was at 3:45 a.m.

I was in front of the Cebu airlines ticket center and ask the guard if he knew where I could store my luggage. I needed to go to the mall and buy a new phone.

Sure he says, he has a friend that can take my stuff and store it. This part was fine, it only cost 300 PHP to store it for the day. They wanted 500 but I told them I wouldn’t pay that.

The man who carried my luggage asked me if I needed a taxi to the mall. I said yes I do. I asked how much it would be and they said oh 150 PHP. So off I go in the taxi for maybe a 20-minute ride to the mall. When we arrived I asked the taxi driver did he have change.

Well it turns out that he was charging me 1500 PHP. This translates to 30 US dollars. I was not happy.

I’ve never paid that much money for a ride in the Philippines. Lesson learned. I should have clarified with the taxi driver before getting in. I didn’t because the guy who helped me with my baggage and the taxi driver we’re both talking over me and around me. I was tired and I got lazy.

The ride back to the airport from the mall cost me only 250 PHP. A woman was nice enough to call me a grab cab. The price is named clearly on the app.

So if you’re ever in Manila, do not use a taxi from the street but use the app grab. The price is clearly quoted and they can’t pull any shenanigans.

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