Stray and homeless cats & dogs Coron Philippines

Bonnie and Clyde

This is their story.

Today Bonnie and Clyde found a great home. I was walking back from the store to the dive shop when I noticed a little boy, maybe 3, tossing a rag doll by the foot. He tossed it again and I heard it cry. I ran over and told him no and picked up the baby kitten. He’s a baby himself, but I wish someone had told him to stop. I think his mom came over and told me that someone had thrown 2 kittens in the trash.

I took them both back to the dive shop. Bee and Maxine asked their animal-loving neighbor Susan to take the babies in and she did. Happy ending at least! Grey kitty is Bonnie and the boo that got tossed in the air.

Bee and Maxine are amazing by the way. They have taken in so many dogs and cats. I honestly don’t think they can say no. Susan their neighbor is so fantastic. She is a true animal lover.

Clyde, the little orange kitty is more than likely blind. He was very sick, Maxine and Bee gave him children’s antibiotics. It seems to have worked and he’s gotten better.

Bonnie is now twice the size of Clyde. She’s doing very well and is a happy kitty.

These two kittens were found on the doorstep. They joined Bonnie and Clyde in the basket. Susan their new mom, has been carrying them around in a basket to make sure they’re okay.
Getting bigger and stronger. They just got a bath and a ribbon with a bell

Black pup (pic below)

This is Black Pup. Broke my heart to see him this way.

The first time I saw him was in front of the metal door. He was trying to find somewhere to lay down. His back legs were trembling and shaking. I could tell that he was hurting. I really thought he was going to die that night.

I tried to give him some food but he didn’t want it. So I bought him a towel and let him sleep on it. The next day I saw that the towel was there but I didn’t see him.

After diving that morning, I saw him walking in a field by the dock. I was completely floored and shocked. I pointed him out to Bee. She knew who he was and said that he probably been like that for two years.

If there was a vet on the island of Coron I would have taken him and had him treated.

So here’s the problem on the island. They cannot get a permanent vet out to the island. I don’t know why they can’t get one. So currently, there is not a single vet to fix any of the cats or dogs. There are no vaccinations, so you can’t even leave the island with your dog or cat. To get on the ferry, you have to have a vet signature and paperwork.

Believe me when I say people on the island want to get their dogs and cats fixed. Maybe not everyone but there’s a big portion of them that do.

I later found out through the manager at 413 hotel, Peter, that the hotel sponsored a neutering drive. He confirmed that they neutered and spayed about 80 animals.

There are so many sick and sad dogs on this island. All I wanted to do was help them. How do you help when there’s no vet even on the island. There’s only so much dog food you can give them. It’s actually very overwhelming and sad.

I saved Bonnie and Clyde but they will also contribute to the overpopulation of the island. What will happen to their poor little babies?

It feels like a never-ending cycle. I think people become immune to it on the island because they’ve never known anything different. I think they also feel very helpless because of the situation.

Do you know a vet who can donate their services to get these animals fixed and get some medical care who desperately need help?

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