Fun and Sun Dive Center Coron Philippines

November 2019


Fun and Sun Coron


I can’t say enough about this shop. What makes a great shop? The answer is always the people that work there. Bee and Maxine are so warm and welcoming. Jina, Martin, and the boys were supportive and always helpful. They will take care of you and make sure everything runs smoothly. I will be back ☺

  • You leave the dock around 8am and dive X3 tanks. 2 wrecks and 1 reef.
  • The food is simple fare. Fried chicken, eggplant, noodles and a veggie.
  • Viz was a hit or miss. Some days you can see 3 feet in front of you and others much more.
  • The boats are a tad old, the oldest in F&S fleet. I’m told that the list to fix up and spit shine is in the making.
  • Nitrox is on the way. Compressor room is in the final stages.

3 Tank dive 3500php. There is a loyalty discount when you dive with other F&S shops.

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