Fun and Sun Dive Center Malapascua Philippines

October 2019

Hot and humid.

Known for Thresher Sharks

Mosquitos are very bad, so bring the bug spray and itch cream.

Cost for transportation 5000 php for one person. I got lucky and split the cost with a couple going to Fun and Sun Malapascua also.

  • 3.5 hours AC van
  • 30 minutes by boat

Fun and Sun Dive Center Malapascua

Things are double the price here. Example a massage is 500php vs cebu 250 one hour massage. Still a great price.


  • Beds are comfy
  • Fan and AC in room
  • Water is hot and strong spray
  • 2 beds per room
  • Water provided
  • Restaurant in house (chef choice)


  • No lockers, they have cubbie spaces
  • Water is nasty tasting in shower (not drinkable)

Shout out to Leo DM, he can take some mad macro pics.
Tonight is halloween and everyone is having a party. Unfortunately, my room is thumping from the techno music from the market. Most nights are quite.


Thresher dives meet up at 5am.

Diving Malapascua Photos

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