Kakao pass Seoul

October 2019

Use for taxi, bus and trains. Makes travel very easy!


I’ll tell you how I got to Gyeongbokgong Palace from where I stayed for an example.


  1. Jangi pink line starting station
  2. Amasa – end of the pink line, direction I’m going.
  3. Looked for munjeong station, make sure correct direction
  4. Garak Market – get off to hop on orange line. They cross on kakao map
  5. Daehwa orange line – end of orange line. Direction I want to go
  6. Suseo – next station after Garak Market. Yes going correct way
  7. Ride to I get to Gyeongbokgong station
  8. Get off and take lots of pics
  9. Reverse to go home 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

Make sure you have these 2 apps when in South Korea

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