Biking Kyoto: Nijo Castle, Imperial Palace and the Silver Pavilion

October 2019


Biking start point was from K’s House Hostel


Most open around 9 am and close at 430 pm


Nijo Castle

  • Approx 20 minute bike
  • 1.9 miles or 3.6 km
  • Cost 1030 yen

Built in 1603

The floors in the palace squeaked and sounded like music. I heard someone say it was the Nightingale effect.


Biked from Nijo Castle to Kyoto Imperial Palace

  • Approx 10 minutes
  • 1.4 miles or 2.3 km
  • Cost-free

You cannot go into the palace but you can walk the grounds.

Higashiyama Jisho-ji

Biked from Kyoto Imperial Palace to Silver Pavilion

  • Approx 20 minutes
  • 2.9 miles or 4.6 km
  • Cost 500 yen

Don't lug it on the trains

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