Diving Honolulu in September


September 2019

Water temperature 80°

Wetsuit not needed, 3 mm at most

Visibility 60 feet

Price of 3 days 2 tank dive package $299

Camera used TG-5 Olympus

Light used – WeeFine ring light

Waikiki dive Center

Day 1 diving

Sea-Tiger Wreck/Secrets Reef

Moorish idol
Pyramid butterfly

San San Pedro wreck/Secrets Reef

Day 2

Honey Comb Eel
Long nose butterfly

Fish Bunker

Day 3

3 thoughts on “Diving Honolulu in September

  1. Hey! I was just about to comment to ask which camera you use, and then I saw the info on the page. Thanks for providing that info. Beautiful pics, btw. The fish all look so unique too!

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