Diving Honolulu in September

September 2019

Water temperature 80°

Wetsuit not needed, 3 mm at most

Visibility 60 feet

Price of 3 days 2 tank dive package $299

Camera used TG-5 Olympus

Light used – WeeFine ring light

Waikiki dive Center

Day 1 diving

Sea-Tiger Wreck/Secrets Reef

Moorish idol
Pyramid butterfly

San San Pedro wreck/Secrets Reef

Day 2

Honey Comb Eel
Long nose butterfly

Fish Bunker

Day 3

3 thoughts on “Diving Honolulu in September

  1. Hey! I was just about to comment to ask which camera you use, and then I saw the info on the page. Thanks for providing that info. Beautiful pics, btw. The fish all look so unique too!

    1. The Fisher definitely different than the East Coast. Coral looks different to. It’s more beige looking. But I’ve been told it perfectly healthy

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