Diving Long Caye Belize

November 2018

3mm wetsuit

There were days that it was so beautiful it was breathtaking. Clearblue and stunning.

Bad weather did move in for the last 2 or 3 days of my stay. That’s why the 3mm is needed. It was rather chilly. Ever seen it snow underwater? I did and it was a strange site to behold. Even the fish were covered in sand.

Sadly though, they have a major problem with the lionfish. Certain parts of the reef are empty of the little guys. I remember on one dive I speared at least a dozen. I speared so many that I got bored.

Long Caye Google maps

Huracan Dive Resort Belize

Green Moray Eel

Grouper swallowing a lionfish. Its tail is sticking out of his mouth.

Days catch. Not even all of them.

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