Diving the Great Blue Hole Belize

November 2018

The Great Blue hole is spectacular from the air.  I never saw it from this angle.  When you are on the boat, you would never know when you arrived. 

It is rather mysterious. 

Depth 140 feet

Did I like it.  No not really.

You descend from the light into a murky darkness. It was like a creepy realm from the twilight zone. A bottomless pit of inky black. I looked down below to what seemed like endless nothing and sharks circling.

I admit it.  I was scared.  My heart was racing and I only wanted to go back up.  Luckily when we went up to 130ft all the panic went away. I could finally look around without wanting to hold my dive buddies hand. 

The pictures aren’t great.  To dark really. I can say I did it.  I went to the famous GBH 😀


  1. Wow! It looks really beautiful from the air! Too bad it’s not that way when you’re in it. So, just curious about one thing. You mentioned sharks circling. Do they circle you but not do anything because you’re in a group, or for some other reason?

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