Diving Molasses and French reef, Key Largo Florida

July 2019🥺No wetsuit required. It was like bath water.85°
Lionfish – zeroHoosville hostelDiving flower garden West Palm BeachSadly, the reefs were really brown and dried out looking. When I dove last year in Key Largo, I remember a much more vibrant reef.I am not an expert. I can only telling you what I saw with my eyes. I was actually really surprised. I think the fish must have moved away. Normally the reefs are teeming with life. Not this time.Please view the second video. The sea fans are brown and purple looking. You can tell that they’re dying.

Video below shows the browning of sea fans
Blue parrot fish
Gorgeous colors, tail of a parrot fish
Robin sparkles AKA damselfish
Juvenile sergeant major
Blue Tang
Yellowhead Wrasse
Spotlight Parrot fish

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