Cassia Hill Resort Belize

November 2018


Cost approximately $600 USD

5 nights

Cassia Hill Belize

On-site restaurant and small pool. The grounds are very pretty and well-maintained. The rooms are beautiful. They have a rustic old-world feel to them.

They have a small store where you check in. Not a lot in there but they have a few snacks and some souvenirs you can buy. They will also arrange tours to the local temples for you also.

A taxi from downtown back to the hotel was $5. You can walk into town but it is a little bit of a hike. It can get hot so be prepared for that.

If you’re solo like I was, you might get a little lonely. Not exactly a lot of social life around the hotel.

Overall I really loved the resort. It was quiet and secluded. My biggest complaint was the lack of hot water. That can be overlooked for all the other amenities.

This is a good base for Tikal Guatemala.

San Ignacio Belize

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