Bubbles or Not, a Planned Trip to Curacao

April 2019

Bubbles or not Harlem Georgia


Trip planned by Tara McNaylor

*Well-planned with no hassles.

Cost $2245

I am currently living in Florida. I didn’t pay the price quoted because I bought my own airplane ticket. So if your like me and live out-of-state, you can still go with them.

I got there two days ahead of time and I took a taxi to Lion’s Dive earlier than everyone else. Group transportation was arranged prior to arrival and also when leaving.

We all meet for breakfast and dove together but also did our own thing.

It was not all-inclusive. There are restaurants near the resort but they’re expensive.

As far as diving, everything was already arranged. We did two Dives in the morning and had the option of one dive in the afternoon (extra cost). You could also do as much Shore diving as you wanted.

I had an absolute blast and I would go with these guys again 🤙❤

Where we stayed: Lion Dive Resort

Who we dived with: Ocean Encounters

What is diving like: Diving Curacao in photos

Things to do in Curacao

Mighty hunter
Captain America Hunter
The beach at Lions dive
Tara and the captain
Here I am again
Lion fish

Shark food

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