Bed & Bike Hostel Curacao

April 2019

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Bed & Bike Hostel

Cost $27 U.S.

They take U.S. dollars but the official currency is Netherlands Antillean guilder.


  • The mattress is divine!
  • My cubby space feels private.
  • Good location
  • AC!!! OMG feels so good. It can stay on all day💗
  • Super helpful and friendly staff
  • Free bikes $100 deposit but you get it back.
  • Clean bathrooms
  • It’s so cute 🎉
  • They have 120 and 240 plugs


  • Toilet paper keeps running out
  • No pool 😟

Directly next door is a cafe. Coffee, soda, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Go towards the bridges and you can find shops and convenience stores.



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