TX to WA or Bust

February 2017

My very first travel nursing job was in Tacoma Washington. Chanci and I made this trek across the country and turned it into one of the best adventures I’ve ever gone on.

Since it was a while ago, I decided to do a picture blog of my Adventures.

My final destination
The Grand Canyon of Texas
Camping in Palo Duro. The coyotes were right outside howling 🤙
He got the bed
These two fought over the bed the entire trip

A little snow in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Prettiest Chapel in Santa Fe

Made it to four corners😟

Horseshoe bend
Grand Canyon
Interesting old cabinet
Ummmm 😂

The not so great escape artist

Bye Vegas

Red Rock Canyon

The endless Death Valley Road
Coyotes by the road

Beautiful Bishop California
Sunset Bishop California

Lake Tahoe

Reno alley

Oyster shells

Sea lion caves


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