Viva La Mexico Cozumel

June 2018

Weather perfect

Happiness perfect

Cozumel = ❤

2 Tank Dive Hostel

Dive with Martin ( review coming soon)

I really loved Cozumel. I stayed at the 2 tank dive hostel, which is by the Benito Juarez Park. There’s always so much to do. Vendors are everywhere and you can haggle for a good deal. Street performers entertain tourist and restaurants have live bands playing.

There is one Mayan site on the island and it’s not all that. If you don’t have a lot of time, I would skip this one. There are no large temples to look at. I think we finished it in 30 minutes.


  • Always ask the taxi drivers how much in pesos, not US dollars. It’s usually cheaper.
  • Food is Western prices for the most part. So it’s not cheap.
  • Do eat at Mr. Taco. Not only is it good, it’s local and cheap. One of the few.
  • Go diving! This is what Cozumel is known for.
  • Haggle the vendors down.
  • Woody’s is descent food and they have a live band.
  • Eat at Denis… yum
  • Don’t eat at La Cucaracha. Those trucks that serve food out of the back of them. Not a food truck but an actual pickup truck😂

I was surprised to see food open to the air in the supermarket. Also, the eggs were not refrigerated. I remember this as a kid but it’s been awhile 👍 I suppose I’ve become used to everything wrapped in plastic.

Take the time to learn some Spanish but most everyone knows English.

Mayan ruins

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