San Ignacio Belize

November 2018

I enjoyed San Ignacio. It felt authentic and real. I didn’t see a Walmart anywhere or any other chain stores that I’m used to at home. There were no corporate restaurants. Just places that look like Mom and Pop.

This town isn’t Posh or ritzy. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you came to the wrong place.

San Ignacio is a good place to base your trips to local temples. There’s even one in town that you can go to called Cahal Pech. While it’s not as Grand as other sites it is still worth a visit.

There is not a lot to do in the town itself. There are not a lot of upscale restaurants but I did find one called Crave that was delicious. It was a small Bistro and the prices were fantastic.

Tours from San Ignacio

  • ATM site of the crystal Maiden
  • Tikal Guatemala the Mayan capital
  • Caphal Pech local temple
  • Caracol temple

There are other tours in the area but this is the ones that I did. Be warned, the roads in Belize are a little rough. If you rent a car you will need 4 x 4. A lot of the roads are gravel or rock. Some of it is paved but most of it is not.

This is where they have the open market

The Balmoral Hotel
Side of the Balmoral Hotel. Some of you will get my humor

One of my favorite wall art in San Ignacio

Pork chop and mashed potato. $12 USD

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