Diving & Tipping

Tipping and Diving. This is always a question that seems to come up. What do you tip somebody? The standard in the United States is $10 per tank.

For some this might seem like a lot but you have to think about the work that goes into it.

I’m going to list below tipping for each place that I visit and how much is generally expected in said country.

  • United States $10 per tank
  • Cozumel $10 per tank
  • Bahamas $10 per tank
  • St. Thomas US Virgin Islands $10 per tank
  • Curacao $5-10 per tank

Belize Huracan dive Resort. I tipped out people individually. $100 to the DM. $100 to the captain. $60 to the head chef. This was a fancy place and honestly I didn’t know what to tip. Pretty much babied you there and I felt like this deserved a decent tip.

I would love to know what other people have tipped in other countries.

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  1. That sounds about right globally. It also depends on how much the crew helps you. I dive with a camera rig, so I add a little extra cause they are passing my camera in and out of the water.

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