Incline Manitou Springs Colorado

2744 steps up

2000 foot gain

The incline

April 2015

Warning! People have died trying to do this hike. There are several deaths a year due to heart attacks. Bring lots of water and be in good health.

I’m slow, so it took me over an hour to get to the top. But the views are great and mainly it’s knowing that you completed it.

My friend, her kids and I decided we were going to run down the trail on the other side. Most people don’t go down the stairs, they use the trail. So I did great, got all the way to the end of the trail near the parking lot. I actually ran and I don’t run.

Glanced over at the hikers going up the stairs and fell into a hole. Sprained my ankle and was in pain for a month.

So be careful!

If you’re afraid of heights be warned. It can get scary at times. You feel like you’re scrambling to hold on to the stairs. I’m a chicken though.

There are no bathrooms once you are on the stairs, nor the top. You have to wait until you get back to the parking lot.

This is a great hike and one that you will hear many people talking about in Colorado. I highly recommend it and if you’re in the area try it out.

Cool picture even if my finger got in the way
Garden of the Gods in the distance

Triumph! I made it to the top

Day one after falling in a hole
Yep that is not pretty

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