Tikal Guatemala

Tikal was absolutely amazing!

I started my trip out with the intention of diving in Belize. I had never heard of Tikal. I had never thought of Belize or Guatemala as places I would want to visit for archaeological sites.


Boy was I wrong.


November 2018


Tikal National Park


Mayan capital


First settled 900 BC

My hotel arranged this tour for me. It was approximately $100 to $130 US dollars.


Some people choose to go on their own but this was not the best option for me. You have to check in at the border of Guatemala and then drive to Tikal on very bumpy roads.


At the border of Guatemala, there are armed military caring very large weapons. I was a little surprised.


If you have ever been to Belize and Guatemala then you know that the roads are horrible. It’s two lane roads for the most part and your teeth will be rattled out of your head by the end of the trip. Some roads are paved and others are gravel with large rocks. A four-by-four would be recommended.


The site itself is very large. It was far bigger than I ever realized. There are other temples you can climb to the top of with spectacular views. You see multiple Temple tops hiding in the rainforest.

You can climb to the top of the Mask Temple but you cannot climb on the Jaguar Temple. Don’t worry though, the views are beautiful from The Mask Temple.


The one shameful thing I did see was graffiti. These sites are 1000 + years old, I really don’t want to see John ❤ Jody. It’s just a crying shame.


I highly recommend a trip to Tikal if you’re in the area.

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