Huracan Dive Resort Belize

Old World vibes and charm oozing out of every corner.

Huracan Dive Resort

November 2018

Cost $2500 7 nights all inclusive

The resort has a private boat that picks you up from the Princess Hotel Marina city center. It is a 1.5 hour boat ride to Long Caye Island. It only picks up x2 a week.

They do 3 Dives a day. One in the morning morning, one in the afternoon and the last one later in the afternoon. A night dive is once a week, so ask about it. They do not have any torches so you have to bring your own

As far as wetsuits, bring a 3mm just in case. I only had to use mine 2 days out of the week I stayed.

This place is great because the only thing you have to worry about is diving. The food is amazing. Our Chef cooked a lot of the local foods but also a variety of other things. One of my favorites was a Belizean chicken soup, had a little spice to it. Yum!

Bug spray is a must. The resort is towards the center of the island, so there is no ocean views. The mosquitoes are hungry.

There is no AC but I never had a problem sleeping. They have two fans in the room.

WhatsApp is also a must. The internet is poor at best. You will not be able to hook up to Facebook or anything like that. Email works or at least mind did. This is about as remote and removed from technology as you can get. Forget about making a phone call, it won’t work here. That’s why you have to have the WhatsApp.

When you’re done diving they have alcohol available. Mixed drinks and beer I believe.

All the dive sites are very close. The Great Blue Hole is maybe 15 minutes away.

This resort is for diving and for relaxing. There’s not much else to do on the island. You can take a short walk but it really doesn’t lead anywhere. There’s also a boardwalk you can walk on but it’s a bit rickety. I believe people intended to build houses on the island but I guess they never got around to it.

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    1. It wasn’t supposed to publish I didn’t realize it did that. But you can make arrangements for them to pick you up in Belize City at the Sheraton Hotel

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