Diving Stuart Cove Nassau Bahamas

I have really enjoyed diving Stuart Cove’s. My main complaint is that it’s such a cattle drive. It’s a big operation and very easy to get lost in the mayhem and confusion.


The staff are great and really helpful. The boats are up kept up and clean. They offer a dive guide. They will also pick you up in a van at various locations around the island. That’s a huge plus!


So I’m currently staying at Humes Hostel. Getting here from the airport cost 40 US dollars. Stuart cove’s is past the airport. They have buses that will pick you up at various locations. This saves a lot of money in the transportation department.


They have a little General Store. It has snacks, t-shirts, rash guards and various other things. Just don’t buy a towel. I didn’t ask first and paid $45 for it ☹.


You can pretty much rent anything you need here. From a wetsuit to regulator. You can also do that snuba thing.

They also have a hot dog/burger stand. It’s alright food, if not a little pricey.


A heads-up to my Atomic friends. Bring your own supplies for any little breaks. They do not fix any Atomic stuff on this island. Aqualung seems to be the choice of scuba gear.

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