Quick Thoughts on Airports

I don’t want to fully review an airport. I will just give a πŸ‘ or πŸ‘Ž if I liked them or didn’t. Is traffic bad? Is the airport so large you’ll get lost? Decent places to eat? Just short and sweet and those sorts of things.

Atlanta Georgia

πŸ‘Ž the airport is nice but it’s very big. You’ll get your exercise. The problem with Atlanta is the traffic. If you need to be there two hours prior, add an hour for traffic. The lines for TSA are long but they’re usually really quick.


πŸ‘ very easy to navigate and small airport.

πŸ‘Ž very expensive food. $20 USD for a hamburger and two 12 Oz Cokes


πŸ‘ this airport is big but it’s actually really nice. They designed it to not feel that big. It’s easy to navigate. Not to mention the architecture on it is unique. It’s also on the outskirts of town . Traffic is normally not a nightmare to get to this one.

Fort Lauderdale
πŸ‘ I was late and still got through security very fast. I think I prefer the smaller airports. It has enough places to eat to make anyone happy. There is cheap parking around the area. I paid $4 a day for long-term parking at Rodeway Inn. They also have a shuttle that is convenient.


πŸ‘for quick TSA and easy navigation

πŸ‘Žto the miserable traffic to get there. If your driving from a distance, say Port St. Lucie add 3 hour drive time.

πŸ‘ immigration had at least 12 people working.  Fastest I’ve ever gotten through!   Wasn’t big but efficient. 
πŸ‘ another thumbs-up upon leaving. The lines were long but it was very quick.   For US citizens, you go through immigration in the Bahamas. Once you land, go to baggage claim and you’re done.

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